Regular classes are interrupted during the International Seminar Week which will take place from May 6 until May 10.
During this week the students of all BA programs choose a workshop. Irrespective of the semester and study program, students can take part in workshops in the areas of interaction design, communication design, product design and the Internet of Things.

This year's main topic "Better Communities" is closely connected to Unesco’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Cities and Communities. It focuses is on urban opportunities and equally on bridging the increasing urban-rural divides. The topic covers a wide range of subjects like the visualization of urban and rural facts and activities, cross-generational living and age-friendly design approaches, mobility and energy, health and wellbeing, new learning experiences and forms of collaboration, public spaces, public services and the sharing economy.

Election of the workshops

  • The spaces in the workshops will be assigned according to your priority and NOT according to the timestamp.
  • Every student is responsible for the election. If someone does not vote within the voting period, they will NOT be classified AUTOMATICALLY. But: the student can choose from the leftover places at the organizational team until Friday April 26th . If you are ill, special rules apply. In this case please contact nadine.markert@hfg-gmuend.de
  • Since we assure you that you will receive one of the five selected workshops, the exchange of workshop spaces is prohibited.

You didn't receive an email?

To specify your preferences, you will need the link from the email sent to you. Important: Your po box should not be full and please also look for the email in your spam folder. If you have not received the e-mail or can not find it, you can have it sent to you here again:



The International Seminar Week is organised by the International Team (Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz and Nadine Markert). Contact: nadine.markert@hfg-gmuend.de