Workshop 3 - Design for End-of-Life


In this workshop we will explore how design interventions in public space can create awareness about death and dying as part of our daily life, in a positive and inspiring way.

We seem to be at ease with talking about death and dying in an abstract way, however, and paradoxically, we have banned death and dying from our communities: in our own daily life we are hardly confronted with the dying, with funerals, cimetaries, hospitals, and so on, they are pushed away to the borders of our cities, into nice parks and settings where you only go to when you have to. We thereby miss out on the chance to develop our death literacy - our capacity to see death and dying as an integrated part of life - and to develop awareness and knowledge about how to act when, within our family or our community, the terminally ill need our support. Also, a public health approach to death and dying, where communities are encouraged to develop their death literacy, results in compassionate communities where quality of dying is experienced as a shared responsibility.

The workshop will have an iterative, human-centered 'design for experience' approach, based on contextual research.

Please Bring Along

Sharpies, laptop, old magazines

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