Workshop 8 - Design for End-of-Life Experience


We spend a lot of time thinking about how we live, but very little time thinking about how we die.
As a result, the dying experience of many of us would likely be very different from how we might wish it to be. Therefore, we pose the question how can we design the end of life experience so it reflects what really matters to us at the very end?

Design an element of the experience that you wish to have at the end of your life. While doing so, please consider the sensory and aesthetic aspects of it, and how those might contribute to a fuller and reacher experience.

The workshop would consist of 3 major parts:
_Research: Showcasing how the current end of life experience looks like. Focusing on key scenarios, participants, environments and so on. Highlighting main pain points in the
_Methods: movie clips, video talks, texts and articles.

_Framing: Identifying important individual values which would serve as the foundation for
design interventions.
_Methods: group discussion, design references, individual work.

_Ideation: Designing new experiences that take into consideration individual values and
_Methods: individual and group ideation sessions, prototyping, visualization.

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