Workshop 15 - Designing Time Perception


In our workshop we want to experience the possibilities of designing subjective time perception. At a time when every company and every tool craves our attention, it seems to make sense to support the subjective perception of time and to specifically address it. We think »Better Communities« can be formed by ensuring people are living their individual pace of life.

On the kick-off day, we will give specific input: We will discuss what subjective time perception is, which disciplines deal with subjective perception of time and how to apply the findings of the science fields to concrete design processes. Be it through the design of subjective duration, the synchronization of our internal clock with the environment or the consideration of different time cultures.

On the following days we want to analyze your previous projects with regard to the subjective time perception or develop new projects that take the subjective perception of time into account.

Please Bring Along

Laptop, Sketchbook, Pens

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