Workshop 17 - Playful Prototyping


While navigating the design process, designers traditionally deploy various forms of 2d (sketching) and 3d visualization methods (mock-ups, models) to advance concepts from an early initial idea towards the anticipated final outcome. These visualizations often serve the only purpose of visualizing the form and appearance, but don't inform about user interactions and behaviors. This workshop practices various forms of storytelling methods for designers to visualize and test emerging concepts. With the help of low-tech props (like cardboard), the participants of this workshop will be challenged to treat the prototyping process as a playful form of storytelling. By creating low-fidelity artifacts, combined with the re-enactment of user-interactions, the stage will be set for documenting such scenarios on video.
With the help of basic post-production editing, the participants of the workshop will quickly generate various pieces of storytelling to evaluate and share their emerging concepts.

Please Bring Along

Video camera (can be your cellphone); Basic prototyping materials (cardboard, cutters, glue-gun, pens, etc.), Laptop (iMovie or Adobe Premiere)

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