Workshop 1 - The Joy of A4


THE JOY OF A4: Paul's Paper Product Pot-Pourri

We all know A4 copy paper. It is ubiquitous. We use it every day without thought or high regard.
And yet, this forgotten servant is 100% recyclable, sustainable and produced by the uncalculated billion each year (there are no official figures for how many A4 sheets are made). One tree can make about 9,000 sheets of A4 copy paper.
It is cheap and plentiful, a hi-tech product with many low-tech uses. It can be folded, creased, cut, glued, crumpled, mixed with water, laminated, shredded, twisted, woven and more… either as individual techniques or in endless combinations. It combines easily with other materials and will colour beautifully. It is the most versatile of all materials.
The project will be to take a manufactured item that is practical or decorative, large or small, strong or fragile, fun or life-saving, and to redesign it, re-imagine it, re-define it or re-envision it using A4 copy paper (one sheet or many), to make it inexpensive, recyclable and sustainable, cool and desirable.
Solutions can be handmade or mass produced. They can also be part of the artisanal 'Maker' movement, rapidly emerging as a viable alternative to the West's unsustainable consumer lifestyle. You can (re)design a product, create a kit, make an instructional video, or… or….
Paper is a KEY MATERIAL of the future.

What to bring

Cutting knive, cutting mat, scissor, pencils, ruler

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