Workshop 9 - Townscape


The spaces of the city speak to us, whisper stories.
Ugo La Pietra, in 1977, taking up the Situationist motto, stated that "Living is feeling everywhere at home"; and considering that, according to some forecasts, by 2050 more than half of the world's population will live in urbanized spaces, the need to develop relational mechanisms with the spaces of the city, to recognize them as places, to make them habitable, appears to be primary.
Because living begins with the possibility of controlling, even temporarily, a portion of space (Douglas 1991:289) and concepts such as spatial appropriation, human scale and construction of places describe, first of all, a new way of approaching urban open spaces. Since the end of the 1940s, especially in Italy and the Netherlands, a process of paradigm shift has begun that defines the degree of separation between urban and domestic space. We refer, for example, to the opinion of Aldo Van Eyck, according to whom the interior is not only a space confined by walls, but the essential environment in which space becomes a place and time an opportunity.
The Workshop aims to work on urban spaces by recognizing the design opportunities and rituals that take place there, restoring metaphors and design strategies. The work in the classroom will be carried out by dividing the students into groups and each of them will be asked to work on an aspect of the city identified after a reconnaissance to be done on the first day.

Please Bring Along

Sketching Items [pencils, pens, colored markers]

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