Workshop 7 - User-empowering Design


Workshop's Subject:
Promoting Life Quality & Equality Through Design -
Ergonomic Design and Inclusive Design as a tool for user empowerment.
Ergonomic Design and Inclusive Design, as tangential approaches that implement ethics, social responsibility and creative empathy in industrial design, in order to promote the user's health and to realize its full potential.

Workshop's Objective:
To provide the students knowledge, tools and skills to design in such a way that the product will take into account the abilities and the limitations of the human body and will best adapt to the capabilities and the needs of each user. The product will improve the user's performance, and will enable him effective, convenient, independent & safe usage, without any health damage (immediate or cumulative). All this - while preserving the values of equality and respect to the user.

Workshop's Nature:
The workshop is mainly theoretical. It is composed of segments - each fragment consists of a frontal lesson (combining various active-teaching techniques) and practice for applying the knowledge studied in the lesson. This way, the student experiences a structured series of knowledge-training clusters that lead him, while accumulating knowledge and increasing level of difficulty, into the final exercise. In this exercise, the student will be required to implement all the tools he acquired during the learning process, in order to provide a design solution to the problem, while empowering the user's capabilities.

Workshop's Content:
Examples of lessons' topics - Anthropometrics; Biomechanics; Strategies to prevent musculoskeletal overuse disorders that may be caused to the user by the product; Ergonomic Design & Inclusive Design Guidelines; Ergonomic aspects of task analysis techniques; Mental Model; etc.

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Please Bring Along

Please bring black ink pigment marker pens and pencils on the first day.
Optional - a smart phone and a laptop

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