Coded Bodies

Coded Bodies is a series of workshops designed to learn basics of arduino coding, soft wearables and the exploration of biological textiles.
During the workshop, students will be introduced to the world of wearable technology, sustainable fashion and speculative design.
While approaching traditional textile techniques combined with technology and smart materials, students will explore the potential of bacterial celluloses for textile futures in terms of growing living materials and creating speculative scenarios for second skins, sensors, and as well adaptive responsive structures.
Coded bodies will expose students to new methods for making sensory surfaces, for wearable technology that trigger sound or light, that can detect and monitor health data, to create tools that measure and connect soft electronic textiles to hard components, allowing to print sensors with the different properties of conductive ink.
At the end of the workshop, students will be able to identify state-of-the-art smart textiles and wearable technology applications, understand how to make e-textile circuits and know what materials and equipment required.

what to bring:

personal laptop, scrap fabrics
preferably arduino and sewing basics skills

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