Designing for Privacy – working in open source communities

These days we hear about data breaches and privacy disasters regularly. Companies design products, get users, and then sell data to advertisers or track people’s activities, preferences and interests. Ever since Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, we know this can even influence elections and erode democracy.

There is an established movement fighting against this and working to make software & knowledge transparent and serving users: Free & Open Source. Projects in this space include Wikipedia, Firefox, Wordpress and Nextcloud.
Unfortunately traditionally projects in this space are developed mainly by programmers and lack designers, leading to interfaces which are difficult to use.

We as designers have the opportunity to make these privacy-respecting applications usable and accessible for a broad audience – even making them the preferable solution.


The goal for the week is to dive into open source design processes and have first interactions with projects. No prior experience or technical knowledge is required.
We will get to know resources & tools, review software, make mockups, and start discussions ideally leading to improvement. After the end of the week everyone should be comfortable participating in open source projects on their own, maybe even finding one to contribute to in the long term.

Bitte mitbringen

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