Wearable Technology (english if necessary)

Laptop with USB Plug, Arduino IDE preinstalled (if possible)
bring pen and paper, the electronics will be provided


Wearable Technology is an ever-expanding field of exploration. From health care products to bold fashion statements, technology on the body has its unique affordances and challenges. In this workshop students will research, experiment with and design wearable technology prototypes. This workshop will introduce the basics of using electronics and the Arduino LilyPad for wearable technology applications. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with sensors and making custom soft-circuits. Through practical experimentation students will learn how to use various technologies to create successful reactive and interactive wearable projects. The final prototypes will be presented at the end of the workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a hands-on introduction to the field of wearable technology, in which students create project prototypes that could form the basis for more elaborate projects.

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